Bijukchhe makes hay, joins Maoist-bashing brigade

Rupandehi, December 8:

President of the Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party, Narayan Man Bijukchhe (Rohit), has said that carving out the federal state based on ethnicity, language and religion would be

suicidal for the nation. The division according to the zones was the best way, he added. Senior leftist leader Bijukchhe said this at a press conference in Butwal yesterday evening.

He also said that debates and interaction programmes with people on the issue of

a federal state and carving it out according to its different categories were necessary prior to the drafting of the new constitution. The drafting of the new constitution has taken a back seat after the parties got entangled in the army integration issues, Bijukchhe said.

He alleged the CPN-Maoist of irresponsibly patronising anarchy even though they were leading the government.