Bio-gas plant installed in Bharatpur Hospital

Chitwan, July 22

A bio-gas plant that will produce energy from waste has been set up in Bharatpur Hospital, Chitwan.

Hospital sources said the bio-gas plant will use perishable wastes produced after child delivery and other non-hazardous wastes in the hospital to generate energy.

On an average, 45 pregnant women receive parturition services in the hospital on a daily basis.

The placenta, human organs and other perishable waste produced during obstetric service will be used to produce energy from the plant.

National Bio-Gas Construction and Service Pvt Ltd set up the bio-gas plant in the hospital at the cost of Rs 490,990.

The gas generated from the plant will be used to boil water and sterilise medical accessories in the operation theatre, said Medical Superintendent of Bharatpur Hospital, Dr Rudfra Prasad Marasini.

“We can save up to Rs 15,000 each month with the operation of the bio-gas plant while it is also a sustainable way to manage hospital waste,” Dr Marasini said, adding, “As the waste materials are used to produce energy, the plant will also help control foul smell emanating from the wastes in the hospital.”