Biogas plants growing in popularity

Damauli, May 7

At a time when the country is reeling under fuel crisis, people in the western region are embracing biogas plants as an alternative source of energy.

As per the data with Pragati Biogas Energy Pvt Ltd, a company that has been working for the development and promotion of bio gas in the region, it has developed 25 large bio gas plants of 20 to 30 cubic metres in the region so far.

Managing Director of the company Prakash Subedi said dozens of large plants are in the construction phase. “Over 50 plants are being built in Lamjung, Gorkha, Tanahun, Kaski and Syangja districts. We would have built many more plants by now had the government eased the process of extending grants for the purpose,” said Subedi.

The government provides Rs 11,500, Rs 9,500 and Rs 4,000 in grant to government offices, semi-government offices and commoners, respectively for per cubic metre of the plant.

“It costs somewhere between Rs 4 to 5 lakh to build a 20 cubic metre biogas plant,” informed Subedi, adding, “Of the total cost, some amount is provided as grant by the government while the rest is managed by the concerned person or office that is building the plant.”

The company, established 23 years ago with its main office in Pokhara, has so far set up its branches in 10 districts and contact office in 20 districts. The company has built over 11,000 plants of below 20 cubic metres so far.

Biogas has become an alternative and clean source of energy for households and small industries. On the other hand, the plants have been been helpful in management of waste produced from households and industries.

Meanwhile, the installation of a biogas plant in Tanahun prison has relieved the jailbirds and staffers alike. The plant was built at the total cost of Rs 5,50,000. “Ever since the plant was built, it’s been easier for us to cook food,” said Prem Pariyar, a prison guard.