Biratnagar hospital successful in hip joint transplantation

MORANG: The Biratnagar-based Neuro Cardio and Multi Hospital has claimed that its doctors have successfully conducted a hip joint transplantation for the first time of its kind in the eastern region.

A team of doctors led by orthopaedist Nabin Kumar Karna cemented the hip joint of 75-year-old Bir Bahadur Rai of Dharan, Sunsari recently.

According to Dr Karna, Rai was admitted to the hospital after his hip joint was displaced and he added that the joint was returned to its original position after the week-long efforts.

After the successful joint implantation, Rai expressed his happiness for getting a ‘new life’.

“Successful treatment was limited only in imagination. I have got a new life. I am happy for this,” Rai told media persons at a news conference organised by the hospital on Sunday evening.