Bird sacrifice ban irks devotees

Manakamana, March 26:

With fears of avian flu sweeping the nation, bird sacrifice seems to be out at the Manakamana Temple. Sita Khatri, on way to the temple carrying a cockerel for sacrifice, got a rude shock when she was told she could not. Puzzled, she asked why - only to be told at the lower station of the Manakamana cable car that she could not carry it to the temple.

Scarcely able to believe her ears, Sita, however, knuckled under when the station manager of the cable car, DN Kayastha parroted the same line. She returned without visiting the temple, vowing she would do so “later”.

An enraged Sita said, “Never thought the day would come when we can’t worship God.” Aside from Sita many devotees to Manakamana Temple are outraged at the ban on cockerels and pigeons. Not in the know of the new regulation, not only do have they to suffer they also have to atrgue at length with the cable car staff.