Birgunj customs makes volte-face within hours

Birgunj, December 19

Just hours after implementing a new rule requiring those crossing the border to walk, Birgunj customs has backed away from its decision following protest against the new system.

The customs had enforced a new rule as per which those crossing the border through the customs were required to dismount from their vehicles and walk. Citing the new rule and hassles it would create for those moving across the border, Federal Social Forum-Nepal metropolis Committee had staged a protest and a chakkajam.

“As the new provision didn’t go down well with locals, we had to back down,” said Chief Customs Officer Shyam Prasad Bhandari, adding that the new rule was meant to better manage movements across the border through the customs.

The erstwhile notice signed by Kumar Prasad Ghimire, an officer at the customs, had it that everyone travelling through the customs, except the elderly, sick and disabled would have to get off from the vehicles they were riding and walk.