BIRGUNJ: Vote counting results of 129 out of 136 local level elections in province number 2 have be announced so far, however, NC which was leading the vote count is falling behind in dramatic fashion to FSFN, making it more intriguing lately.

Nepali Congress mayoral candidate Ajaya Kumar Dribedi who was leading the vote counting till afternoon has been leapfrogged by the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal candidate Bijaya Kumar Sarawagi.

According to the Chief Election Officer, Sarawagi has collected 10,662 votes while NC Dribedi is following with 10,587 votes. Currently Sarawagi is leading with 75 votes margin.

Meanwhile, NC mayoral candidate Dribedi is confident enough to triumph the mayoral post of the Metropolis.

At least 35,000 votes are still be counted and Dribedi claimed that NC would emerge victorious in remaining ward so the Metropolis.

Likewise, Federal Socialist Forum Nepal mayoral candiate Sarawagi expressed confidence in his victory to the top position of the Metropolitan City in Parsa district.

The third phase of local level elections in province number 2 was held on September 18.