Birgunj radio staff on strike

Birgunj, May 26:

As the management did not heed to their 11-point demand, 12 staffers of Radio Birgunj embarked on a two-day relay hunger strike today to draw the attention of the management towards fulfiling their demands.

Yesterday, the employees’ union of the radio station had served the management a 24-hour ultimatum to meet their demands.

The strike will continue till Sunday, it was informed.

The staffers have warned that they would launch stronger protest programmes if their demands were not met immediately.

Though managing director of the station, Rajiv Parajuli, and representatives of the staff union had held talks in the morning, they could not come up with any agreement as the management refused to give permanent appointment letters to the staffers.

“The Radio management body refused to meet our demands

and talks ended without any agreement as some officials hatched conspiracies,” said coordinator of the Staff Union Ad Hoc Committee, Sudarshan Singh.

Blaming director and news coordinator Dipendra Chauhan for plotting against the agitation, the union had demanded that he be suspended.

Chauhan has one per cent share in the radio.