Birgunj transport official caught taking bribe on weekend

BARA: A junior official of the Narayani Transport Management Office, Birgunj, was arrested red-handed while taking bribe from a service recipient, that too on the weekend.

A team deployed from the Hetaunda-based regional office of Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority arrested Nayab Subba Prem Kumar Bhattarai from Nijgadh of Bara with Rs 20,000 kickback money, on Saturday morning.

Bhattarai is accused of demanding the kickback from a transporter for issuing a registration certificate of a vehicle.

The anti-corruption constitutional watchdog had mobilised a team under the command of SP Yadav Dhakal after him.

The CIAA said Bhattarai was arrested in front of the Moonlight Hotel in Nijgadh, Bara, where he had called the service seeker for the kickback.

The official is in the CIAA custody in Hetaunda for further investigation.