Bohara for action against Maoists

POKHARA: Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation Dipak Bohara today said writing the constitution and taking the peace process to a logical conclusion depended on the UCPN-Maoist.

Speaking at an interaction on party organisation reformation here, Bohara said, "The activists of the Maoists have been stumbling blocks for the constitution writing and the peace process. They are violating the Comprehensive Peace Accord."

"Cadres of the largest party in the Constitution Assembly have been indulging in murder, violence, seizure of property and abduction," he alleged. "Their actions are anti-people."

"The alliance of the 22 parties aborted the Maoist plan of capturing the state power by reigning over the parliament and Nepali Army," Bohara added.

He asked the Maoists to be honest and to join the government to end the political transition.

"As establishing a republican order and drafting a new constitution are primarily the Maoist’s agenda, they must shun protests," he said.

"The government should quell the Maoists' agitation over the President's move." He was of the opinion that the government should take a firm stance for maintaining law and order situation.