Dharan, June 16

Agitating doctors and students of BP Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences have raised questions over the professorship of Vice-chancellor Gyanendra Giri.

Agitation at the institute had started after the institute asked Medical and Dentistry Teachers' Welfare Society's Chairperson Dr Bishnu Pokhrel to submit clarification over his social media posts on 'irregularities' at the institute.

Agitating doctors and students have sought clarification from the VC regarding media reports related to his professorial title. They have sought details about the university providing him the title of professorship and research work (along with the digital object identifier) he carried out.

While doctors here are skeptical about the VC's professorial title, they also claim that the appointment of Mohan Chandra Regmi as registrar was also against the institute's regulations.

As per Clause 8.1 of the institute's regulation, any person to be picked as the registrar must have higher educational accomplishment either in health administration, management or any other subject and have administrative experience.

Incumbent Registrar Regmi is said to lack any administration-related experience.

"We are not raising any question over his educational level. The VC has the academic qualification that makes him eligible for the post. But we want him to clarify regarding news reports in the media, that's all," said the society's general secretary SP Rimal.

"How can we sit back and watch when all over the media there are reports related to our institution and our VC?" Rimal asked, demanding that the VC's office clarify on these media allegations.

While there are complaints of poor service delivery from the institute these days and office bearers are said to be influenced by people with business interests, even the locals of Dharan have formed a civil pressure network to pressure the management to improve the institute's condition.

A version of this article appears in the print on June 17, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.