BP's ideology prevails though NC defeated: Bishwa Prakash Sharma

CHITWAN: The Nepali Congress (NC) central committee member Bishwa Prakash Sharma said that BP's ideology has emerged victorious even though the NC was weaker arithmetically in the recently held elections.

At a talk programme organized in Chitwan on Monday on the occasion of 42nd National Reconciliation Day, leader Sharma said that the NC cadres should not be worried due to the present election results.

Sharma mentioned that the communist parties are moving forward internalizing BPs principle and that the country should win even if the NC party has lost in the elections.

Sharma stressed the necessity of following BPs path and expressed that the NC ideology has been able to connect all the regions of the country.

Sharma was also of the argument that social transformation and the NC's transformation was needed in the present time by adhering to BP's thoughts.

Also speaking at the same programme, the NC central committee member Badri Pandey said the nation’s politics still requires further reconciliation. He added that the country should now be developed through reconciliation as the political issues in the country are almost resolved.

State Minister for Education Sheshnath Adhikari, the NC leaders Jit Narayan Shrestha, Sabitri Bogati Pathak, Tek Prasad Gurung, Krishna Lal Sapkota and others expressed their opinions on the relevance of reconciliation policy in the present political context.