CDC gets four more days to finalise Revised Bill on draft statute

KATHMANDU: The Constituent Assembly on Monday granted four more days to its Constitution Drafting Committee to give final shape to the draft constitution and table the Revised Bill on the constitution in the making.

The CDC had missed its five-day deadline yesterday as the major parties failed to iron out their differences over the boundaries of federal units and provisions related to secularism, citizenship and threshold for representation in the Parliament under proportional representation system.

Contentious issues "resolved"

Meanwhile, Chairman of Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC) Baburam Bhattarai, also a senior UCPN-Maoist leader, transpired that the major parties have resolved the issues except the demarcation of boundaries of purported federal units.

"All remaining issues have been resolved. There is some improvement in (the issue of )citizenship but it could not be the way (we) wanted.Sorry! Now issues of demarcation remain," he tweeted at 1:28 pm.

At 5:37 pm, he posted an old photograph that was taken soon after the August 8 midnight, in which top leaders of major parties are seen taking part in the Special Committee's meeting after striking a deal on the six-province model, writing that the Special Committee meeting was underway.

In the same post, he wrote that efforts would be made to resolve all the issues including that of demarcation of boundaries of purported provinces today itself.