PARSA: Police have arrested a man on charge of mentally torturing his would be daughter-in-law and her family for dowry and compelling her to commit suicide.

Jaya Narayan Saha alias Bachchu, a permanent resident of Bahaduramai Municipality-8 in Parsa, has been arrested after the groom’s family faced a charge of demanding additional dowry from the family of bride Rabita Kumari Saha Teli, which forced her to commit suicide.

Both families had fixed the wedding between Rabita and Shiva Dayal, son of Jaya Narayan for April 27. But the happiness of the to-be-bride's family could not last longer as she committed suicide on April 19.

Daya Lal Saha Teli of Prasaunibirta of Birgunj Metropolitan City-13 said that his daughter was forced to kill herself as she could not resist the pressure from her would-be-in-laws for extra wedding gifts.

Superintendent of Police at the Parsa District Police Office Ganesh Regmi said, “The accused has faced charge under the Social Practices (Reform) Act-1976. Police have taken him under custody and investigation into the case is underway. Police presented him before media on Tuesday.”

The family of Rabita had agreed to give Rs 300,000 cash, a motorcycle, gold chain, ring, clothes and other home appliances in dowry to Shiva and his family. However, after few days, the boy's family had allegedly demanded extra Rs 80,000, triggering tensions on both sides.

The preliminary investigation supports the charge against the groom's family, SP Regmi added.

Shiva Dayal in his telephonic conversations with Rabita threatened to escape the marriage if her family failed to meet their new demand, prompting her to take such drastic step.

The groom is on the run after the incident. Police have arrested his father and have been searching for him.

Police have appealed to one and all to inform them if they notice anyone involved in taking and receiving dowry which is defined as a crime by the Act.