Bridge collapse leaves locals in the lurch

Dhading, September 14

Collapse of a wooden bridge over the Ngechyengkhola River in Dhading’s Rubivalley Rural Municipality has affected the movement of locals here.

Flood in the river triggered by heavy rainfall had damaged the bridge near Tingchet village in Rubivalley-5, about a week ago.

According to Laxmi Dhakal principal of Tingchet Secondary School, students of Thugang and Tingchet villages were unable to attend classes after the bridge collapsed.

“In fact, everyone using the bridge on a daily basis has been hit hard after it was damaged by the flood. While senior students still use the damaged bridge risking their lives to attend classes, students of lower classes and the elderly have difficulties crossing the river,” said the principal.

Locals lamented apathy of the rural municipality to build an alternative bridge for its residents. As the bridge collapse brought the entire school on the verge of closure due to lack of students attending classes, representatives of the community have demanded an alternative bridge from the municipal authorities. “Though the rural municipality has assured us it will build an alternative bridge, no survey work has been carried out so far,” said the locals.