Budhiganga River erodes paddy fields in Bajura, Achham; poses threat to settlements

BAJURA: Budhiganga River has created land erosion in many areas of Bajura and Achham districts shrinking the fertile lands and posing threat to human settlements.

The fertile lands belonging to 107 families of Amkot in Budhiganga Municipality-1 of Bajura have been eroded by the swollen river this monsoon, local Hira Prasad Padhyaya said.

He said that he was preparing to shift to the higher altitude as his paddy crop with the capacity to yield 19 Muri (1,368 kilograms) of rice had already been eroded by the river, further posing threat to his house. The situation has posed a threat of famine, he added.

Likewise, Budhiganga River has also completely eroded the paddies belonging to 25 families of Pani Naula in Badimalika Municipality in Bajura, local Dhan Badhuwal said.

Similarly, Budhiganga Municipality Mayor Dipal Bikram Shah said, the paddies in Bajura's Triveni Municipality-3 and Budhiganga Municipality-3 are being eroded by the river posing threat to many settlements including Taprisera, Rapka, Barjugada, Maur on the banks of the river while a few of them have already been displaced.

Moreover, the river has also eroded the paddies in Budhabagar, Thanti, Sanphe and Kalimati of Sanphebagar Municipality-2 in Achham district, according to local Kamal Saud.

The religious site of Baijnath area has also been partly eroded by the river leaving the temple at a risk of being swept away.

The 57-kilometre section of Sanphe Martadi Road from Sanphe in Achham to Martadi in Bajura is also at the risk of erosion as majority of the road meanders along the bank of Budhiganga River.