Bullet-riddled woman seeks compensation in vain

Chitwan, August 6:

Eleve months ago, a bullet struck Bishnu Maya Thapa when she was preparing to cook Dar (rice pudding) just before Teej last year. That bullet fired by a security person in Mungling base camp left her paralyzed in September 16, 2004. Thirty-three-year-old Bishnu Maya used to run a teashop at Chandi Bhangjyang-5, Chiwan, in Syauli bazaar after her husband Ram Bahadur Thapa, 35, failed to support the family. Thanks to the bullet, her life has rent apart, like the teashop. She is counting her days, languishing in a dark corner of the teashop. The doctors failed to take out the bullet from her body, and she is suffering from paralysis. Pathetically, she said: “I know I have to fulfil my daily ablutions, but it is is so hard.” She was taken to Chhauni hospital, Kathmandu, with the assistance of security personnel and locals and was treated free of cost for six months, said her husband Ram Bahadur. He lamented not getting any compensation from the government. The district administration office, Chitwan had twice asked the home ministry to provide the couple compensation, in vain. Officials of the Mugling base camp said the bullet got fired accidentally while a weapon was being cleaned.

Locals, however, claimed the accident occurred when Lt Samir Sharma fired carelessly.

Bishnu Maya did not get any compensation except for free treatment. Talking to this daily, she said it was better to die than live a disabled life. Her children are facing a tough time due to her disability. Their education has halted because they have to help their father run the family. Ram Bahadur, a poor worker is hard put to support the family due to his wife’s paralysis.