Businessmen in east mourn death

BIRATNAGAR: Business entrepreneurs in the eastern region of the country today mourned the demise of Nepali Congress President and former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala by shutting down their industries, shops and businesses.

Mourning the death of GPK, Morang Business Union and Morang Industry Organisation had announced the closure of all the industrial estates and their offices in the district. Some 550 industries and business houses remain closed to mourn the loss of Koirala, who they called their patron.

Mahesh Jaju, president, Morang Business Union, said, "Koirala used to listen to the complaints and grievances of businessmen." We have become orphans now, he added. "Who will take care of our problems?" he questioned. Jaju said that death of Koirala had caused irreparable loss to the business sector.

Dinesh Golchha, president, Morang Industry Organisation, reiterated that business entrepreneurs had lost their patron.

"The businessmen are grieved the way children mourn the death of father," said Dinesh Golchha.

Likewise, Birat Business Union shut all the business houses in Biratnagar. Yadav Pokhrel, chairman of the union said the business houses and shops were shut to mourn the demise of Koirala. Health workers too mourned the death of Koirala by closing clinics and hospitals.