CA ELECTION: Narahari turns doubting Thomas

Kathmandu, June 26:

A member of the Nepali Congress Working Committe, Narahari Acharya, has doubts on whether the Constituent Assembly elections will take place.

“ I am not assured about the elections actually happening. I am saying this based on the way the party machinery has refused to respond to the vital announcement. To put it firmly, assurance is missing,” Acharya told this daily.

“Issues like drawing up the vision of the party on restructuring of the state and taking a position on monarchy have to be debated. But there is no word on it although it is time for it now,” Acharya said, adding that the announ-cement of the polls date has failed to enliven the political atmosphere and that the fact that Speaker Subas Nembang quoted Koirala as saying he was firm on holding CA polls is mystifying.

“The reason why the people are not excited is they, like us, have sensed a crisis of confidence taking its toll on Prime Minister Koirala. This, in turn, is taking its toll on mass psyche and hence the excitement is missing ,” Acharya said.

Acharya, who has visited 62 districts to assess the general mood, said that one cannot believe in election reports until the party makes its stand on the future of monarchy clear and spells out its views on restructuring of the state.

“There is no excitement because an element of maturity is missing in the leadership. They could not stick to the decision that elections will be held on June 20. So until they come

out honestly on a host of issues, not many are going to believe in what they say,” Acharya said. He accusing the top leaders of being dishonest even with themselves.