CA polls: CEC issues a warning

Kathmandu, July 10:

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Bhoj Raj Pokharel today warned that constituent assembly election may not be possible in November if the atmosphere is not conducive to holding it.

Pokharel sounded tough during a meeting of the Parliamentary Constituent Assembly Election Management and Monitoring Committee headed by Speaker Subas Nembang. He came down heavily on political parties for coming up with varying statements on the scheduled election. This is the first time Pokharel has reacted to statements made by some leaders on the issue of CA polls. He said that while the government’s job was to restore law and order, the political parties need to create a “desired political atmosphere.”

Pokharel, who was invited to the meeting at the Parliament Secretariat, further said that the EC is technically in a position to hold the election on time.

He, however, said that the leaders of the political parties would do well to think twice from making statements on the election.

“We are technically ready and have done the necessary preparations, but the leaders should not talk in different tones,” Pokharel said, adding that “obstacles are still in place.” He, however, did not say what the obstacles were.

He told the meeting that if things do not change, the elections could be stalled just as the polls scheduled for May were cancelled.