CA polls will institutionalise people’s rights, says Bohara

Kathmandu, March 15:

CPN-UML standing committee member Amrit Kumar Bohara said today the April 10 Constituent Assembly election would be able to institutionalise the achievements gained by the people through Jana Andolan II.

Addressing a central meeting of the UML-affiliated samparka manch from 72 districts at the party headquarters, Balkhu, Bohara said the people could not institutionalise their rights in the past, as the monarchy had deprived them from making their own statute.

He said that the Jana Andolan II had proved that even a peaceful movement can institutionalise people’s rights. “The April revolution has proved that parties need not raise arms and go to the jungle to overthrow autocratic institutions like monarchy,” he said.

“Now we are on the threshold of the election, which will guarantee our long-cherished dream of making our own constitution and will overthrow the monarchy, a remnant of feudalism, once and for all,” he said.

The new constitution to be made by the elected representatives of the people would further strengthen sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of the country through federal democratic republic, Bohara said.

He urged the party cadres and sympathisers to go back to villages and educate the villagers about the importance of the CA election.

He also claimed that the UML would emerge victorious in the election, as the party had proved its capability to effectively run the country when it was in power even for a short duration.

He also asked the Maoists to refrain from intimidating candidates and cadres of other political parties engaged in election campaigns. “The Maoists have resorted to intimidation, threats and disturbance after they lost popular support,” he said.

He asked the Maoists to win hearts and minds if they really wished to transform themselves from an armed outfit into a genuine political force abiding by the universal values of democracy.

Bohara also asked UML activists to be alert to foil any conspiracy against the CA election.

Nobody could dare disrupt the polls by conspiring in the darkroom, as the people have already been fully geared up for the polls, Bohara said.