CA polls will liberate Nepalis: Gautam

Tikapur, March 30:

The CPN (UML) standing committee member Bamdev Gautam, said that the Constituent Assembly election is a gateway to liberty for Nepalis.

He said this while speaking at a press conference here this morning.

He said that the constituent assembly polls should not be viewed just as a means to win seats and urged all to take it as something that will draw their future course.

Saying that the country will usher into a new era after the CA polls, he said for this Nepalis should use the sovereign rights of adult franchise.

“UML stands for a socialist system based on democratic values and norms,” he said. Stating that the new era that will dawn in the country after the CA polls will bring an end to the monarchy and establish democratic republic, he said the CPN (UML) is all out to create a utopian society by ending all inequalities.

When asked about the possibility of success of the CA polls at a time when the campaigning is marred with violence and scuffle among the political parties, he said that the country will head towards failure if the party which is busy in creating violence is voted to chart the constitution.

He also said that the UML has not disrupted programmes of any party, but the Maoists were showing cowardice by aiming at his party.

He claimed that his party takes the Nepali Congress across the country as their main rival party in the constituent assembly polls and not the Maoists.