Kathmandu, February 28:

Constituent Assembly (CA) chairman Subas Chandra Nembang today said the CA teams deputed to collect public opinions on future constitution were not allowed to influence the people throughout the process. He said they were clearly instructed to act only as the messengers of the people’s views.

“We have clearly instructed the Constituent Assembly members not to impose their views on people while collecting the opinions,” Nembang said, adding, “All the team members must play a fair role in this process.”

He urged all government bodies, political parties, civil society members and people from all walks of life to assist the CA teams.

“I request all of you to cooperate with the CA teams, either personally or through your organisations, by making congenial atmosphere for opinion col-lection,” he said.

Nembang was addressing a meeting with the representatives of the political parties and

civil society members at the CA secretariat.

“Out of 40 teams, eight have already left for districts and 18 will set out today. Rest of the

teams are leaving tomorrow,” Nembang said.

“As this is the important phase to make people feel ownership in the new constitution, state bodies and people from all walks of life need to help the CA teams and the process,” he added.

People can give their opinions either by filling the questionnaires carried by the CA teams or by providing written opinions with their signatures or fingerprints, Nembang said. The CA members will reach to all VDCs with the 60-page


“The respondents are free to give their opinion only on certain parts or questions of the questionnaire,” he added.

“Because of the expensive, complicated and challenging nature of the process, I request all concerned to be sensitive about collecting people’s opinions,” he said.

“The CA teams will revisit the village development committees with the draft of the future constitution for feedback once it is drafted,” Nembang added.

The teams of CA members and civil servants will visit all the VDCs across the country and collect people’s views before they prepare concept papers on different issues to be specified in the constitution. They will have to return to Kathmandu by March 22 as per the CA schedule.