CA to decide all issues: Gurung

Kathmandu, June 23:

Maoist leader Dev Gurung today said that his party has decided to take up the issues related to amendment to the interimconstitution in the Constituent Assembly meeting.

He said this decision was taken after series of meetings of the Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) failed to find a way to the protracted political deadlock.

Speaking at a programme, Gurung said all the constitutional issues would be discussed in the CA, where Maoists would table a bill to make the fifth amendment to the interim constitution.

He accused the Nepali Congress of coming in the way of finding a solution to the political deadlock and of putting preconditions before the formation of a post-election government.

"After we agreed on most of the seven preconditions set by the NC, the party came up with a new one that the main opposition party must have representation in the National Security Council (NSC)," Gurung said.

He said the NC did not want to join the post-election government after other parties refused to offer the presidental post to NC. UML leader Bhim Rawal said the sovereign CA body should be allowed to decide who it want to elect as the PM and the President. He said his party would decide on whether or not to field its candidate for the presidential post only after the amendment to the constitution.

Former minister Nilambar Acharya, however, said that the major portfolios should be allocated among the major parties and they should be given an opportunity to choose such portfolios on priority basis.