Call for pay hike

Kathmandu, November 15:

Civil servants staged sit-in in District Administration Offices across the country yesterday.

The Nepal Civil Servants’ Union had called the nationwide programme to pressure the government to end transfers aimed at “terrorising” the government staffers.

The civil servants’ body has demanded fresh perks for the staffers and appointment of officials at the Public Service Commission. Security for civil servants is also on the wish-list of the union. “We will bring work at all government offices to a grinding halt if the government fails to address our concerns,” said Devraj Sapkota, the union secretary at the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Sapkota claimed that some low-ranking staffers were enjoying better perks than the high-ranking ones, adding that this was against the principle of hierarchy.

Issuing a statement, the union pointed that the PSC had not been able to conduct interviews for promotion of government staffers in the lack of officials.