Call to make Kapilvastu capital of Province 5

JITPUR, KAPILVASTU: The youth, intellectuals, representatives of political parties and members of the business community in Kapilvastu have rallied for making Kapilvastu the provincial capital of Province 5.

This demand comes at a time when there is a debate regarding whether to make Dang or Butwal the province capital. The government has proposed the name of these two places for the temporary capital.

According to the constitution, the Province Assembly of the respective provinces will determine on their capitals.

In this connection, they held a candle light rally on Thursday demanding that Kapilvastu be declared the Province 5 capital.

The participants of the rally contended that Kapilvastu was the most suitable district to be made the capital as it was a historic place where Gautam Buddha was born as well as appropriate in terms of geography, culture and tourism point of view.

They argued that Kapilvastu would be the most suitable alternative.