Call to attract tourists to forests

Bhaktapur, August 15:

Experts claimed today that the forest regulation had prevented development of tourism infrastructure in forests.

Speaking at a daylong workshop organised by Community Forest Consumers’ Federation (CFCF), general secretary of Bhaktapur district committee of CFCF Rameshwor Bohara said the forest regulation has restricted community forest users from developing physical infrastructure in forests. “How could one promote forests as a tourist spot without building basic infrastructure like resthouses and cafes?” he inquired.

Speakers said the committee would conduct a feasibility study to develop an Orchid Spot in Nagarkot and a bird exhibition centre in Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur.

Kedar Khadka, CFCF’s district committee president, presented a paper on “Natural Resources, Art, Culture and Heritage: Development of sustainable eco-tourism.”

Around 14.4 per cent area of Bhaktapur district is covered with forests. Altogether 59 users’ groups have been handling community forests in Bhaktapur.