Call to check trafficking in humans

Kathmandu, June 15:

A regional workshop on Anti-Trafficking Law Reform Initiatives concluded here today by making a commitment to demand, with their respective governments in the South Asian countries, to sign multilateral extradition and mutual assistance treaties to tackle the human trafficking problem in the region.

The representatives of India, Bangladesh and Nepal agreed to urge their respective governments to work in this matter.

They also agreed to take initiatives to check borders to control human trafficking. The two-day workshop was organised by the Forum for Women, Law and Development to press for suitable changes in their domestic laws as well as the regional policies in this sector.

The participants stressed the need to establish cooperation between countries to punish the perpetrators of human trafficking. They also demanded stern punishment to the perpetrators and adoption of policies and programmes to rescue the trafficking victims from difficult situations.

They have agreed to create a regional fund to provide relief to the family of the trafficking victims.