Call to curb ‘foreign meddling’

Rajbiraj, October 14 :

Chairperson of the Nepal Janabadi Morcha, Ram Raja Prasad Singh, today said that as

“international intervention” persists in the country, the seven parties and the Maoists should be alert against such activities.

Talking to journalists at his residence in Rajbiraj, Singh said that different avenues for development would open up after the abolition of monarchy. “Had Jana Andolan-II continued a little longer, monarchy would surely have been abolished,” said Singh.

He said that all dissatisfied sides should be involved in the ongoing peace talks. The song-and-drama of raising the issue of Madhesh from all sides now is only the politics of getting votes, said Singh, adding that the Madhesh region should be viewed not just as Madhesh but as one of the main regions of the country.

Madhesh, where civilisation and cultures originated, should be considered the main region of the country, said Singh.