Call to make bandh success

Kathmandu, May 20:

Gyan Kumar Shrestha, elder brother of Ramhari Shrestha, today called on all people to help them pressure the government to form a high-level commission to probe the killing of his brother and bring the culprits to justice.

Maoist’s People’s Liberation Army personnel in the Shaktikhor cantonment in Chitwan had beaten Ramhari to death for his alleged involvement in theft of money and weapon from the Maoist office in Kathmandu.

“We have called bandh tomorrow to pressure the government and urge all to help make the strike a success,” he said, speaking at press conference today.

“There are hundreds of women, who have lost their husbands, at the hands of Maoists. I ask them to come and join us to fight for our right to know,” Ramila, wife of Ramhari said.

More than 100 organisations, including sister organisations of major political parties, have expressed solidarity with the bandh.