Cancer ails Jana Andolan victim

Hetauda, November 13:

Hari Bahadur Pandit, an injured during the Jana Andolan-II and a resident of Hetauda-11, has been suffering from cancer. He was injured during a police baton-charge in Heatuda.

“As I could not get timely medical treatment, I became the victim of cancer,” Pandit said. There is a wound in my kidney and the Bharatpur Medical College has referred me to the Bharatpur Cancer Hospital, he said, adding: “I could not walk properly due to the problems in my chest and kidney.”

He also said that Rs 72,000, which he managed by selling land, was already spent in his treatment.

The Hetauda-based Multipurpose Community Service Centre has formed an all-party committee to help for the treatment of Pandit.