Candidates toil hard on last day of poll publicity

Dhangadi, November 23

Cadres and candidates from political parties were found toiling hard as they canvassed on the last day for election publicity in the districts of Province 7.

The silence period begins at midnight in Bajura, Baitadi, Bajhang and Darchula of Province 7 where the first round of polls will be held on November 26.

The candidates in the districts were busy meeting voters on the last day as they campaigned hard. The left alliance as well as Nepali Congress leaders and cadres could be seen trying to convince voters to cast their ballots for their respective parties.

They were found to be more concerned about the election process in the remote areas where chances of invalid votes being cast could be high. The cadres of parties involved in door-to-door campaigns and rallies were found to be educating voters on how to cast a valid vote. They also lured disgruntled voters to favour their factions.

A tough competition between the left alliance and the Nepali Congress is expected in the province.

Bikram Singh Dhami from the NC and Ganesh Singh Thakunna from the left alliance are the parliamentary poll candidates in Darchula. Similarly, Kabiraj Pandit from the NC and Lal Bahadur Thapa from the left alliance will be contesting for the parliamentary seat in Bajura. Nar Bahadur Chand from the NC and Damodar Bhandari from the left alliance are in the race for parliamentary polls in Baitadi. Likewise, Bhairab Bahadur Singh from the left alliance and Prithivi Bahadur Singh from NC will be contesting the parliamentary poll in Bajhang.