Kathmandu, December 23

Former VVIPs, VIPs and political leaders will get up to Rs 1.5 million for treatment in foreign hospitals from the state coffers, according to the new guideline approved by the government today.

The bill committee of the Cabinet decided that the government would provide up to Rs 1.5 million for the treatment of former president, vice-president, prime ministers, speakers, chief justices and deputy speakers.

Former deputy prime ministers, ministers, state ministers, assistant ministers, lawmakers and office bearers of the constitutional bodies will get up to Rs 1 million for their treatment overseas.

The government will provide up to Rs 5 lakh to people who contributed in the fields of literature, music, art, politics, and public administration, social and national lives for their treatment abroad.

Earlier, the government used to provide millions of rupees to the former VVIPs, VIPs, ministers and political leaders from the state coffers for their treatment in foreign hospitals.

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Health, the said assistance will be provided for treatment in foreign hospitals only if the required treatment is not available in government or other hospitals in the country.

Moreover, the patients will have to show the recommendation letter of the Nepal Medical Board to get aid for overseas treatment.

In case they prefer treatment in foreign hospitals on their own, they will not be eligible for financial assistance from the government.

The names of patients who avail of financial aid will be published on the MoH’s website. The MoH will reimburse treatment cost to hospitals in the country following the treatment based on detailed bills.

The government will strictly adhere to the ceiling and any proposal regarding treatment should be submitted in the Cabinet by the Ministry of Health.

According to the new guideline, the government can provide up to Rs 5 lakh for the treatment of the general public, for example those injured in natural disasters or accidents.