Cases of Snake bite on the rise in Saptari district

RAJBIRAJ: At least 12-15 cases of snake bite are reported on a daily basis to the Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital in Rajbiraj after the flood disaster in Saptari district.

Daya Sankarlal Karna Medical Superintendent of the Zonal Hospital shared that the hospital has witnessed surge in the number of snake bite cases after the disaster.

Sumitra Majhi, Baiju Ray, Sudani Devi Mandal who were all bitten by snakes are currently undergoing treatment at the Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital and Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences.

A local resident Neeraj Mukti said most of the people who have been displaced by flood, taking shelters in makeshift huts, have been terrorised by poisonous snakes of late.

Locals, who have been struggling to bring back their lives to normal, are infuriated as they are compelled to carry their near and dear ones on foot for hours to nearby hospitals.

"With changes in weather most flood survivors are returning to normalcy, however, we have been terrorised by snake bite in the area," local Sachitanda Jha lamented.

"Another problem has already raised even before the land has dried up after inundation in the area," Jha added.

Locals informed that Sakarapur alone in Tiladi-Koiladi Rural Municipality in the district witnessed 10 snake bite cases within 3 days.

The government need to set-up health camps and snake bike centres to prevent outbreak of epidemic in the district.