Cash-strapped youths set on foot to Kailali from Bajura amid lockdown

BAJURA: With the extension of lockdown, number of people earning their livelihood in Bajura district have been returning to their native places, in recent days.

As many as 14 youths, who worked as labourers in the district, have set on foot to Kailali from Bajura after running out of money to sustain them. One of the travellers, Birendra Kathayat said, 'None of us even have Rs 300 in our possession. We are relying on noodles on the way home."

"We started our journey on Monday midnight and have reached near the border between Achham and Bajura districts today," Kathayat said, adding that the chief district officer had ensured them to grant a pass for reserved vehicle, but we couldn't afford to hire it.

Ganga Prasad Neupane, chief district officer, said, "I told them that I would issue passes but they left on foot. I had even told them that I would manage a vehicle, returning from the district."

According to Kathayat, police did not allow them to board a bus returning from Bajura in Achham district today, without passes. "We decided to walk as no one supported us during the crisis," Kathayat lamented.