CC submits concept paper, draft to Nembang

KATHMANDU: The Constitutional Committee (CC) of the Constitutional Assembly handed over its concept paper and preliminary draft of the new statute to CA chairman Subash Chandra Nembang at a function held at Singha Durbar today.

The CC had twin responsibilities of preparing the concept paper and a draft constitution after discussing papers of all the thematic committees. CC chairman Nilambar Acharya said that five different panels were formed to prepare the concept paper. Later, a 19-member sub-committee compiled all the papers and prepared the concept paper and the draft.

CA chairman Nembang thanked the committee for accomplishing its tasks within the deadline. "The only way to institutionalise the achievements of the people's struggle is to draft the new constitution in time," he said, reminding all the political parties to focus themselves on achieving those goals. He said that the nation could not function for long under the Interim Constitution.

Considering the May 28 deadline for promulgation of the new statute, he cautioned that there was no room for another amendment to the CA schedule. Despite that, two thematic committees — Committee on Forms of Governance and the Committee on State Restructuring and Distribution of State Power — are yet to submit their concept papers and preliminary reports.

Nembang said the concept paper would be tabled at the CA for discussion. Earlier, the CC could not reach an understanding on some key issues and had to go for voting.