Cell phone users top list of traffic rule violators

Kathmandu, July 3:

Flouting traffic rules, people in general continue to use mobile phones while driving vehicles, resulting in several road accidents, traffic police said.

"Accidents are caused due to the distraction of drivers from the road while driving. On an average, three to four people are caught daily for using mobile phones while driving. They are fined Rs 200," a traffic personnel, Bharat Kumar Khadka, said.

"We have been asking drivers not to use mobile phones while driving but such pleas mostly go unheard," another traffic personnel Dan Bahadur Syada said.

Besides the attempts of the traffic police, a number of hoardings erected make drivers aware of the risks of using cell phones while driving.

"We are trying to make people aware of road accidents caused due to the use of mobile phones by conducting awareness campaigns through the media," said SP Bhisma Prasai.

Taxi driver Arjun Gautam said, "I think people from the privileged groups are the one who defy traffic rules."

Students Narayan Khanal and Bikash Thapa stressed the need to follow the rules regarding the use of mobile phones while driving.

Traffic police inspector Rajan Bhetwal said even the educated persons were found flouting traffic rules.