Chained child rescued

Biratnagar, May 27 :

Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN) yesterday rescued 12-year-old Shital Tripathi, who had been tied to a peg for the past ten days, by his own grandfather.

Ishwori Khanal, 73, a resident of Kushe, Sanischare VDC of Morang had kept Shital, a Grade V student, chained in his home to give the child ‘spiritual teaching’.

The physical and mental status of the rescued child is normal, an employee of CWIN said.

Khanal, who is Shital’s maternal grandfather, used to beat him and made him study forcefully. Shital said his grandfather tied his both hands with a rope to a peg when he tried to run away due to his beatings.

Locals, who had gone for a door-to-door visit programme of the Education For All Campaign, informed CWIN after seeing the child tied to a peg.

Lokendra Shakya of CWIN, Biratnagar, said Shital is being kept in the protection of CWIN.

The child’s parents in Kathmandu have been informed yesterday about the incident, Shakya said.