Charms of the Chhath


Once limited to the people from the Mithila community of Nepal, Chhath festival these days is celebrated by people from different communities across the nation. Its popularity is rising even in Capital in the recent years, thanks to unique yet varied charming aspects associated with this festival.

Every year during Chhath, people worship the Sun, thanking it for sustaining life on the Earth. Prayers and offerings are made to the rising and the setting Sun wishing for prosperity, happiness and long life of the family members. But Chhath is more than that — it is also about following strict fasting regimen, savouring various delicacies while celebrating nature and women.

Food varieties

Swarms of people queuing up to enter the Ranipokhari premises used to be a common scene during Chhath in the previous years. The pond used to be lit and decorated, giving a perfect feel and ambience for the festival. However, this year this won’t happen. You won’t be able to see Ranipokhari with decorations. And there will be no celebrations here as the pond is currently under construction.

“This year Ranipokhari won’t be opened for the public for Chhath celebrations because the reconstruction of the pond is going on. Department of Archaeology is doing the reconstruction of the Balgopaleswhor Temple while Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Office is constructing the footpaths, garden, chairs and others,” informed Gyanendra Karki, Spokesperson of KMC.

If you are looking for the alternatives of Ranipokhari, then Teku Dobhan could be one destination. “As an alternative to Ranipokhari, we have chosen Teku Dobhan where people can celebrate the festival,” Karki added.