‘Check misuse of resources’

KATHMANDU: Chief Election Commissioner Ayodhi Prasad Yadav on Tuesday directed government secretaries, who would be serving as poll monitors, to prevent misuse of government resources in the election.

Addressing an orientation programme for poll monitors organised by the Election Commission here in Kathmandu, CEC Yadav asked them to scrutinise candidates, who spend beyond the ceiling set by the poll panel.

The EC has said each parliamentary first-past-the-post candidate can spend up to Rs 2.5 million and each provincial FPTP candidate can spend Rs 1.5 million in the election.

According to a press release issued by EC Spokesperson Navaraj Dhakal, 75 government secretaries participated in the orientation. From Thursday, they will be deployed in the 45 districts where second phase of provincial and the parliamentary elections will be held on December 7.