Chhath fever grips Janakpur denizens

Janakpurdham, October 26 :

Rita Devi of Prakhe Mahuwa VDC in Dhanusha is busy preparing for chhath. She is collecting puja materials for festival.

“I have been fasting and wishing for happiness, prosperity and long life to my family members every chhath for the last 10 years,” she said. Like her, thousands of other devotees in the Mithila region are busy preparing for chatth to celebrate it in a grand manner. Large crowd had gathered in the markets to buy he necessary materials for the festival.

Crowds of devotees in rural markets including Yadukoha, Sakhuwa Mahendranagar, Bhatihan Sabaila, Nagarain, Parahawa and Bahuarwa were buying puja materials.

Locals are busy buying puja materials and clearing the puja venue at the banks of ponds and rivers. They are cleaning their localities as well. Local chhath puja committees are busy cleaning ponds and rivers including Ganga Sagar, Dhanush Sagar, Argajja, Dasharatha Talau, Jalad River and Dudhmati River around the city. Songs with the theme of chhath festival are blaring from all corners of the markets and residential areas. Cassette shops are playing chhath songs non stop in their localities.