Chicken price plummets

Narayangarh, January 23:

Following the outbreak of bird flu in Jhapa, prices of chicken meat and eggs have gone drastically down in Chitwan.

Chicken meat was sold at Rs 120 per kg in Narayangarh, the major business hub in the district, today. Before the outbreak, the price was Rs 180 per kg. Meat sellers said they were forced to reduce the price after the consumption of poultry products went down.

“I used to sell 150 kg of chicken meat every

day until a week ago,” Chaturman Shrestha of Shuvakamana Fresh House said, adding, “Now the sale has dropped to as low as 25 kg a day.”

“Until a week ago, we used to sell chicken meat at Rs 180 per kg. Now we have brought down the price to Rs 120 per kg,” he added. Another meat seller Lal Bahadur Miya

said his daily sale had reduced to 40 kg from more than 200 kg. “I also used

to supply meat to hotels and restaurants. Now there has been no such

demand,” he added.

Not only the chicken meat, the sale of eggs has also gone down.

“I was selling more than 100 eggs a day until a week ago. Now it’s nil,” Laxman Shrestha, a grocer, said.