CDOs should shed centralised mindset, says CM Rai

Biratnagar, September 16

Province-1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai yesterday said that Chief District Officers should not consider themselves simply as representatives of the federal government.

Addressing a security workshop organised jointly by the home ministry and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law in Biratnagar, CM Rai asked CDOs to give up the narrow mindset and work to maintain good governance and security. “I urge all CDOs to collaborate with the province government in the districts,” CM Rai said.

Noting that Federal Police Act had already been formulated, Rai held that Province Police Act too would be made soon. He said that the province government had adopted zero tolerance against corruption and directed security agencies to implement the policy in letter and spirit.

“People will not feel peace, security and prosperity as long as corruption and bad governance exists in the country,” Rai added.

At the programme, Province 1 Minister of Internal Affair and Law Hikmat Kumar Karki said that the provincial government had collaborated with security forces from the beginning to strengthen the operation of security agencies.

Province 1 Chief Secretary Suresh Adhikari said that only a reliable security system would provide an environment for development and prosperity in the country.