Children orphaned by landslides worry future

DADELDHURA: Two toddlers of Mastamadau VDC-3, whose family members perished in yesterday's landslide, have been left to fend for themselves. Their father Dambar Bhul, mother Matadevi, sisters Suna Kumari and Hema and brother Thagunna died in the landslide.

Ten years old Pune and 11 years Bishna survived as they were hiding under a hum pipe when the landslide hit their home burying their parents. Another nine years old Dile Bhule of the same village also survived, as he had spent the night in his maternal uncles' house on that fateful day.

Bhule returned home today with his maternal uncle to perform the last rites of his parents who were buried over night by the landslides. Bhule's dad Bijaya, mom Padma, grandma Lalide, brothers Ramesh, Mahad and Binod and sister Basanti were all killed in the landslide.

Tearful Dile lamented,'' I lost all my family members and property, how do I survive in this lonely world?''

Bishma and her borher narrate the same story: '' Our parents, sisters and brothers are gone. We have become orphans now, who will take care of us?''

That fateful night, Bishma and her brother Pune watched movies till late and slept near a drum. Bisna recalls, adding,'' We were saved because the drum had blocked all the falling stones and gushing mud.''

Bishna, a fifth-grader in the local school, saw her two-storey house being buried completely under the weight of the landslide. Bishna and her brother, who is a third-grader, are undergoing treatment in the district hospital.

Physician Jeevan Chhetri Bishna who is attending the kids in the hospital said Bishma has sustained minor injuries on her eye. While while her brother Pune got his leg hurt. “They are insisting me that they want to go back to their village to have the glimpse of their parents. I am helpless, how can I console them?” asked the physician.