Chinese team begins mining excavation in search of gold deposits

JAJARKOT: A Chinese team has undertaken mining exploration in Holu-Khola in Bheri Municipality-1, Jajarkot citing that the region might have gold deposits.

According to Bheri Municipality-1 Ward Chair Dipak Rana, Chinese company, The Hihi Ching Mining Pvt Ltd has been excavating the river bank with rented equipment calling it a feasibility study to probe existence of gold deposits.

The Chinese team initiated the excavation few days ago after obtaining permit from government, Rana added.

“We have began feasibility study through mining exploration after obtaining necessary permits from Department of Mines and Geology, Kathmandu, “ said Lu Chhiyo Haikun, a mining-team member, “Our team will excavate an area of 4.99 square kilo metres around the bridge situated in Halu-Khola in search of gold.”

The team comprising one Nepali and five Chinese nationals is running operations in the area after renting equipment and 6 ropanies land from local Himalayan Samsher Shah at Rs 70,000 per year.