Chinese team yet to hit goldmine in Dhalla

Jajarkot, January 28

Three months on , nothing has come out of the studies being conducted on the possibility of gold mines on the banks of the Bheri River in Dhalla of the district headquarters Khalanga, and Matela and Kudu of Jagatipur.

Chinese company Dharmashree Mines has been carrying out a study on the possibility of goldmines in the areas. “So far we’ve drilled 140 to 160 feet holes on the ground at two sites here but we have found nothing,” said Sung Ping, who spoke with the help of an interpreter working for the team.

The company had begun studies based on claims by the Department of Mines and Geology about gold dust found on the banks of Bheri River.

While the company has constructed a 2 km-long road to transport necessary equipment to the site, it is also sending rocks and other minerals dug out of the holes to its central office for necessary study.