Chitwan banks unable to meet demands for bank notes

CHITWAN: Banks of the Chitwan district are unable to meet the demands of locals for  bank notes for the Dashain festival.

Banks and financial institutions in the district said they have insufficient bank notes.

Most of the banks in the district release only Rs 50,000 to 500,000 cash from one account in a day.

Lack of cash at the beginning of festive season has aroused problems to the denizens of the district, of late.

According to the banks, the ongoing strike in Tarai districts has decreased business activities, dropping liquidity of banks also.

Lack of fuel shortage and ongoing strike in this festive season have forced the people to save money in their homes rather than banks, causing the shortage of cash.

The banks in the district are adjusting themselves by borrowing notes from Nepal Bank Limited of Bharatapur, than the Nepal Rastra Bank.