Chitwan to get industrial exhibition centre

Chitwan, June 6

Chitwan may have an international level industrial exhibition centre very soon, as per the 2073/75 budget announced by the government a few days back.

Industry Association Chitwan Chairperson Bhim Bahadur Pande expected the facility to be a great help in marketing industrial products and encouraging further investment.

“We have been calling for a centre like this for long, and are ecstatic about the prospect of this dream becoming a reality,” said Pande.

Pande foresees a boost in tourism in the district and the region as a whole from the proposed facility.

He said, “Once the centre comes into operation, producers from different parts of the country and even abroad will come here, which will of course give extra impetus to the tourism industry here.”

According to the Exhibition Centre Construction Committee Coordinator and Nepal Udhyog Parisangh Vice-chairperson

Krishna Prasad Adhikari, the estimated cost for construction of the centre is 250 million rupees.

“Actually, we had sought 150 million rupees from the government for the project. The budget has allocated Rs 75 million and the Finance Minister has further pledged to manage the rest of the amount from other sources, which is good news,” he said, adding the remaining Rs 100 million will be raised from donors, the Parisangh, industrialists, and entrepreneurs.

As per the plan, the project will be completed by the end of the next fiscal.

The centre will spread over 51,000 square feet in Bharatpur, next to the Office of Cottage and Small Industry and will have the capacity to accommodate as many as 250 stalls.