Chitwan National Park taking leap in conservation of rare species

Chitwan, January 24

Chitwan National Park succeeded in a big way in conserving various rare species last year. It has not only improved its internal management but also reduced poaching of animals to zero by using modern security technology.

Chief Conservation Officer at the CNP Ram Chandra Kandel said the year 2017 was most remarkable in terms of conservation of biodiversity and rare species. “Transfer of rhinos, wild buffaloes and musk deer to the park, rescue of tigers and rhinos, rehabilitation of a male gharial and management of grasslands in the national park were the greatest feats achieved in 2017,” said Kandel.

The CNP transferred certain rare species of animals in 2017. Five rhinos were transferred to Shuklaphanta National Park while three rhinos were transferred to Bardiya National Park, last year.

It is preparing to gift two pairs of the rare species to China. At least six vultures from the vulture breeding centre  were kept at a vulture restaurant for a few months and were released, later.

Likewise, wild buffaloes from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and musk deer from SNP were brought to the national park, last year. There had been no wild buffaloes in the park since 1990. As many as 15 wild buffaloes — three from the Central Zoo and 12 from KTWR — were brought to the park in 2017. Of them, six died due to flood and other causes while the remaining nine have been kept in the open sanctuary of CNP.

Of the seven musk deer brought to the CNP, three died and three went missing in floods. As a result, there is only one female musk deer at the park, at present.

“It’s very challenging to save transferred animals. However, we have cautiously managed to conserve animals brought here from elsewhere,” said Kandel.

Of the rhinos swept away by flood during last year’s monsoon, nine were rescued from various parts of bordering India and one from the Tribeni region of Nepal.