CNP to add ponds for wildlife

Chitwan, May 12

As water sources have started drying up due to soaring temperature, authorities in Chitwan National Park are preparing to dig new ponds for wildlife in the national park.

According to Nurendra Aryal, assistant conservation and information officer at CNP, drying water sources is one of the major impacts of climate change on wildlife. “We are all set to dig new ponds - one each at the eastern Sunachari, Kasara and western sector from the third week of May,” he said.

There are a total of 58 ponds, 13 wells, 30 lakes and 15 other small ponds in the national park and in the buffer zone area at present.

“The ponds will be 100 metres long, 50 metres wide and two metres deep,” said Aryal, adding that they would also manage the existing water sources properly.

Rare species, including the one-horned rhino, striped tiger, leopard, sloth bear, spotted deer, antelope, laguna and monkey, among 60 other rare wild species, are protected in the national park.

Likewise, gharial and magar crocodile species, different amphibians and more than 546 species of birds are found in the CNP.